IQNet SR 10 - 

> Achieving Recognition

IQNet SR 10 certification is deployed by IQNet SR 10 Partners and provides independent assurance and confidence that an organisation’s social responsibility management system has been effectively implemented.

This confidence is enhanced through IQNet Parners’ global presence, dominance, credibility and reputation in management systems certification.
After the successful completion of the certification process, confirming the compliance of the social responsibility management system implemented with SR 10 requirements, your organization will be granted:
  • The IQNet SR 10 Partner Certificate of compliance for the Social Responsibility Management System
  • The IQNet SR 10 Co-certificate, internationally recognized by leading international certification bodies
  • The usage license for the IQNet SR 10 Social Responsibility Management System certification mark

Please contact your closest IQNet SR 10 Partner – click here to view complete list of SR 10 Partners – if you would like more detailed information on the complete certification process.

Disclaimer: Although IQNet SR 10 specification is publicly available, SR10 certification scheme is supported by IQNet certification rules. IQNet recognizes only SR10 certificates which are complying with these established rules, namely to be issued by an authorized IQNet Partner.