Allergen Management - aha! Label

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Allergies are becoming a topic of growing concern. The effect of allergens and food intolerances on sufferers can sometimes profoundly dictate lifestyle habits and choices. 

IQNet Ltd in collaboration with Service Allergie Suisse (SAS) is delivering the Allergen Management Scheme. This is a product labeling scheme which allows consumers to better identify and manage their choice of products and services.

Product categories which can be assessed for allergen minimised criteria currently include food, cosmetics, detergents and household cleaning equipment. The evaluation process can also be applied to service providers such as restaurants and hotels.

Products and services are evaluated for their potential to cause known allergic reactions. Those deemed to be allergen minimised (according to strict standards set by a scientific advisory board) are then able to display the readily discernable  aha!  label.


SAS Service Allergie Suisse SA

SAS is an independent company with headquarters in Bern Switzerland. SAS has set itself the goal of offering a label satisfying the high expectations of all parties concerned with the impact of allergens.

SAS has a network of certified experts in the field. The Scientific and Medical Panel of SAS includes authoritative experts from each respective area. The collective expertise is constantly updated.

The label

Products which are successfully manufactured to be "allergy-sufferer friendly" are awarded the label. The purpose of product labeling is to fulfill the heightened requirements of allergy sufferers’ need for informative consumer choice.