SA8000 - Social Accountability

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sa8000.jpgSA8000 is one of the most internationally recognised benchmark for the ethical management of human resources.
Since 2007, IQNet Ltd has been accredited by Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS) to offer global SA8000 certification.

SA8000 certification is available through IQNet's expansive network of partners spanning over 50 countries where SA8000 is most popular. A pool of more than 100 qualified SA8000 auditors provide efficient global coverage.

In collaboration with its partners, IQNet can now help organisations demonstrate their commitment towards ethically sustainable business management.

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The Standard SA8000

The SA8000 standard (Social Accountability 8000) is based on the principles of international workplace norms contained within the ILO (International Labour Organisation) conventions, UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The fundamental focus of SA8000 is to improve working conditions around the world. This intent has pioneered the way forward for organisations to improve and demonstrate their corporate social responsibility (CSR) in regards basic human rights in the workplace.

The requirements of SA8000 are espoused within the following categories:
1 - Child Labour
Ensure that child and under aged labour is not utilised

2 - Forced and Compulsory Labour
Avoid the use of forced labour including prison or debt bondage labour

3 - Health and Safety
Provide a safe and healthy work environment

4 - Freedom of association and rights to collective bargaining
Respect the right to form and join trade unions and bargaining collectively

5 - Discrimination
Prohibit discrimination in the workplace

6 - Disciplinary Practices
Avoid the use of physical punishment, mental or verbal abuse

7 - Working hours
Act in accordance with the applicable laws and industry standards

8 - Remuneration
Provide wages that meet legal and industry standards and are sufficient to meet the basic need of workers and their families

9 - Management Systems
Implement an effective management system to ensure that company policies comply with SA8000 requirements and other applicable laws and international standards